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Reckon Accounts Business Premier 2018

G’day all,

Recently I upgraded a client from Reckon Accounts 2017 Premier to Reckon Accounts 2018 Premier. Mostly the process was fine. But I did come across an intermittent issue with some of the installations. In total I installed it on 8 devices (including 1 server). Of these 8 I had an issue with 3 (so far).

When the client tried to print or save to pdf on any of the problem installations this is what would show up:

Reckon Accounts 2018 Premier File Permission

Immediate fix was to just click OK until you could get to the print dialogue (although seeing I was remote I didn’t know if it actually printed).

The permanent solution was actually not that hard. I believe Reckon refer to it as a “clean installation” and here on out I will be doing this by default when installing Reckon on ANY computer.

To achieve this “clean installation” or at least the part that I needed all I did was:

  1. Restart the device in question
  3. Log in with Administrator privileges
  4. Navigate to C:/ProgramData (it is a hidden folder so you might need to type it into Windows Explorer)
  5. Then rename the folder “Intuit” to something like “Intuit.bak”
  6. Open up Program and Features or whatever Add/Remove programs you have
  7. Select Reckon Accounts 2018 Premier and click the button “Change/Remove”
  8. Run a repair on the installation (I had to click ignore on a pop that complained the Windows Installer was open, which was only Reckon repair – this requires a restart then)
  9. Do the same for any Reckon product installed
  10. Restart the computer and try again

That fixed my issue 100% on 3 of the computers that had the issue. These ranged from Windows 10 Professional to Windows 7 Professional.

As always God bless and all praise to Him,


Steven Swarts

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