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Local User on Windows 11 Professional

Welcome to another short tutorial to demonstrate how to setup a new Windows 11 Professional installation (New PC or fresh install) using a Local User account rather than a Microsoft Account. 

Use the arrows to go back and forward through the slides. 

Select Country
Hopefully an easy choice 🙂
Select Keyboard
In Australia the default is correct
Second Keyboard
Just skip
Updates Ensue
Typically takes a few minutes to complete.
Dependant on PC and Internet speed.
Name your PC
Limits apply, but choose a unique PC name to use
Select Work/School
Even if you don't use this for work or school.
Click Sign-in options
We don't want Microsoft to create or sign in with
our email account, so click Sign-in options.
Select Domain join instead
Even if we don't have a domain, this will allow us
to create a Local Only Account.
Enter Your Username
This can be anything you like.
Your actual name or your gaming name or your favourite book.
It doesn't matter but it needs to be unique to this PC.
Leave Password Blank
Leave the password blank here, you can add one later.
Turn off spying metrics
Why give them more free metrics and data?
Job done!
Windows should now finish installing and soon you
will see the Desktop as a new Local Only user.

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