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Outlook 2016 incompatible with Exchange 2007

It’s official Microsoft has dropped support for Exchange 2007 or earlier with the latest release of Outlook 2016.

This means anyone using Small Business Server 2008 or earlier are also affected because it comes with Exchange 2007, and shows up with a untoward error saying ”

“The resource that you are trying to use is located on an unsupported version of Microsoft Exchange. Contact your e-mail administrator for assistance.”


Users of Office 365 are given the immediate option to upgrade, but beware if you do you will NOT be able to connect into ANY Exchange 2007 mailboxes. If you do upgrade thankfully this post shows where to go to download the old version.

My advice to anyone thinking of extending the use of their Exchange 2007 server is simple – Go out and buy copies of Outlook 2013 if you need it. Copies are disappearing fast, so get out there quick.

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